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Majitech | Loita Hills Water Drilling Project Kenya Africa
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10 Oct Loita Hills Is a Success

I am know crying tears of pure JOY!

Tomorrow...we will have WATER!

I have no words for my happiness!

-Marilyn Parver

Congratulations to Marilyn Parver on spearheading the project to drill a 115 Meter well in Loita Hills.  Her outstanding leadership and unrelenting desire to see the wonderful people of Loita Hills provided with a clean and life sustaining supply of water is a testament to what one person with a vision and drive can accomplish.

Loita Hills is located in a mountainous region outside of Nairobi.  Just getting to the site itself proved very difficult, but we were able to navigate up the winding mountainous roads and successfully drill down to 115 meters though dirt, thick hard rock and clay.

Many locals and tribal delegates turned out for the drill and opening of the well.  We hit a massive well of over 20,000 liters or 5000 gallons per hour. Everyone at Majitech is excited for the people of Loita Hills and we congratulate Marilyn on a job well done.

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