is committed to providing our customers value added services in water well drilling, well topside work (pump installation), irrigation design/installation and solar panel installation. We work with major supplier from around the globe to provide our customers with the necessary equipment and knowledge to get the job done.

Majitech | About Majitech
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About Majitech


``I look forward to working with you on what sure to be successful water projects.``

John Bongiorno

Chief Executive Officer

John Bongiorno, originally of Erie, PA, is a businessman and visionary leader. As president of WorldServe International, an economic development organization, he became known as a renowned bridge-builder between the realms of business and charity. John’s greatest passion is connecting high-level business leaders with economic development opportunities in poor communities. The creation and development of Maji-Tech Engineering is perhaps the best example of this. John was a founder of Maji-Tech Engineering and has been intimately involved in leadership of the company since its start in 2001. Under John’s leadership, Maji-Tech has grown from just an idea to the largest private water drilling company in Tanzania with a fleet of seven drilling crews in the region. John splits his time between overseeing Maji-Tech’s growth in Africa and connecting with investors and donors in the United States and other countries. John and his wife Sandi reside in Springfield, MO.

``Each project presents a series of challenges, our team has the equipment and know how to take on those challenges.``

David Bongiorno

Operations Manager

David Bongiorno is general manager of Majitech. As the general manager, David is responsible for the day to day operations of Majitech, including logistics, billing, AR/AP, finance and sales.

``I've seen the dramatic difference water security has provided to the communities and people Majitech serves. I am proud to be part of the Majitech team.

Dunstan Mrutu

Lead Manager

Dunstan Mrutu is an experienced management consultant and corporate executive with over 30 years of experience directing business development operations and management. Dunstan is a member of numerous national private public consultative bodies, such as TPSF, TNBC and SAGCOT. Dunstan has interests in farms in the Rufiji River Basin and Dodoma and livestock in the Morogro Vokonge. He feels blessed to be part of a team committed to bringing life-giving water to those in need.

As drillers on the ground, we see the dramatic impact our work brings to local communities. When we finish a drilling job or repair a broken well, we are greeted not only by hundreds of people waiting for fresh clean water, but also by a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Valued Employees

Drilling Team, Back Office and Management

Our valued frontline and support staff helps create our exceptional efficiency and results driven success.  Our attitude toward employee recruitment, management and development is one of our differentiators.  We employ only high skilled local personal.

Primary Needs Served

Water solutions engineered to

leverage economic, social and transformation development.

Maji-Tech operates in a unique way. We are an East Africa-based company with a focus on creating local jobs and strengthening local economies. Profitability is our goal not for simple monetary gain, but rather for sustainability and for the privilege of investing into the future of the company and important charitable projects.


Maji-Tech is committed to transparent stewardship of its resources, uncommon integrity, and transformation not only for communities but also for our employees and their families. Our unique strategy to “impact people and impact the bottom line” guides us in everything we do.


Our highly-qualified management team stands on the frontlines of carrying out this important mission.

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Water Resource Management and Development0%

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