is committed to providing our customers value added services in water well drilling, well topside work (pump installation), irrigation design/installation and solar panel installation. We work with major supplier from around the globe to provide our customers with the necessary equipment and knowledge to get the job done.

Majitech | Kenya & Tanzania premier water drilling company
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Exploding populations, lack of capital and climate change are stressing access to clean fresh water.  Majitech is committed to providing our customers access to fresh water, irrigation solutions, water infrastructure management and development.  Over the last 10 years, we have developed relationships with key decision makers in the local, regional and national markets we serve.  Majitech’s years of experience in Kenya and Tanzania adds value for our clients. Our technical know how combined with our political, regulatory and statutory experience lends itself to success when working on difficult jobs.

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Considering a new water project. Majitech can help you understand the geology and geomorphology at your drill site, detailing the hydrogeological conditions.


One of the pillars for inclusive and sustainable economic growth is access to water resources. Clean water is the keystone to human development and prosperity, our experts help local tribes, NGO's national and local governments and private companies devise and carry out plans to improve water security, water productivity, and expanded access to clean water and sanitation service solutions.


Our fleet of 9 water drilling rigs has the capability to drill from 50ft to 1000ft, with a maximum borehole width of 20 inches.

Pump Testing

We want to ensure our customers have access to the cleanest water and a maintenance free operation for years. Our experts can help you evaluate the condition of your existing equipment and either repair or replace your pump.

Installation of pumps, storage, delivery systems and agriculture.

Value added topside services such as delivery systems and agricultural water distribution and management is a key component to a successful project, we can help.

Borehole rehabilitation & maintenance

After careful review and analysis, Majitech can outline a plan to rehab, repair and maintain your current infrastructure.

Solar, windmill, electrical and hand pump supply

We carry and install all the top brand from manufactures around the world.


Gallons of Water from Drilled Wells


Number of people drinking clean water from Majitech wells


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